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How to Win Over Opposition and Gain Traction

Overcome opposition and achieve success. Try these 5 tested and tried tips when pitching your idea.

Coping with Conflict at Work

Ever felt like your boss’s expectations were unrealistic? Or your employee wasn’t doing what you asked? Didn’t like a colleague’s approach? If you’ve worked long enough, you’ve probably encountered conflicts like these on the job. Even the slightest conflicts can hurt productivity at work in ways small and large. As the Vice President for Leadership… Read more »

Get Wet! Cause Some Waves! (Or Not… )

Over the course of many decades of governmental work, as well as employment in the private sector and non-profit scene, I have witnessed first-hand and heard, second-hand, of the inherent dangers of saying something that is either unpleasant, reveals corruption, or otherwise is unpopular with the current ‘Powers-That-Be’. All of which leaves someone wondering whether… Read more »