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The Oscars: Spotlighting Important Issues

Last night was the 87th annual Academy Awards, also known as my favorite night of the year. Pretty much from the day the Oscar nominees are announced, I start plotting how on earth I’m going to see all of the films with Best Picture nominations. Now, seeing the Best Picture nominees isn’t a huge task,Read… Read more »

Technology Policy: Are We Ready to Effectively Regulate?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on blog series related to technology policy and tech trends in government. The hope is that throughout this series I can identify the challenges, opportunities and current trends that are reshaping technology policy. Send any ideas to Here’s post one. Sometimes I wonder about the future. How willRead… Read more »

Navigating the Four Pillars of Washington

Originally published in The Hill Washington is an eclectic city. It is a metropolis that is thriving economically and socially. Its architectural design is modeled after Paris and it is certainly a city of cultural diversity and historically interesting neighborhoods. Visually, the site of the monuments reflecting against the panoramic backdrop of the Potomac RiverRead… Read more »

Fellowship Opportunities in Health

This year, the Long Beach Fellowship team is tackling a high-impact domain: health. Health is one of the areas that governments have of a deep, direct human impact. It’s pretty obvious when your metrics includes things like infant mortality and premature deaths. Having been a Fellow in 2013, and with most of my work experienceRead… Read more »

Good Read: 5 Common Characteristics of Ideas That Spread

Originally posted on #GovLife. One of the things we hear about a lot when we talk about innovation is the rate of adoption. Whether or not an idea (no matter how amazing) succeeds is a huge risk, and it’s not just applicable to government. The characteristics listed in 5 Common Characteristics of Ideas That Spread,Read… Read more »

Good Read: How to Start a Billion-Dollar Empire With a Laptop

Originally posted on #GovLife We’re always told “don’t judge a book by its cover”, so trust me when I say “don’t judge this article by its title”. We all know (or at least should know) Alexis from his days at reddit. In 2008, after watching hisTED talk, I became an instant fangirl and haven’t lookedRead… Read more »